We are Dicky and Cathy Sherrill. Cathy is employed as a nurse in Norfolk, Virginia, and I minister to inmates and staff at Virginia Beach Correctional Center (VBCC) through Square One Ministries.

In 1990 I began my ministry at VBCC with Good News Jail and Prison Ministry. In 2003 God, by His grace, led me to found Square One Ministries. I soon began working at VBCC through Square One on a part-time basis, while maintaining my position with Good News. In 2014 I retired as a chaplain from Good News, and now devote my entire ministry at VBCC under Square One Ministries.

Cathy and I were married on August 17, 2014. Previously, we were joyfully married to the loves of our lives for 41 years before they were suddenly taken from us. Cathy’s wonderful husband, Jim, died on May 16, 2012, and my dear wife, Sharon, on May 14, 2013. Cathy and Jim had two daughters and three grandchildren. They reside in Virginia Beach and were able to grieve with Cathy, and support her in their time of loss. Sharon and I had no children, but I received unceasing love and caring support from my beloved family. Additionally, we both had many valued friends who embraced us and walked with us during those difficult days.

Yet, we were still grief stricken and lonely. In April, 2014, through circumstances we can only attribute to God, we met each other at VBCC. No, Cathy was not an inmate, but had attended an orientation for prospective volunteers I was leading. Nevertheless, it was not until June 18 that we met at a Tropical Smoothie Café for a “slushy” drink. By mid July, we were convinced God meant for us to be together as husband and wife. A few weeks later, as noted above, we were married. Marriage was so beautiful for us the first time around that we both wanted to marry again, the Lord willing. And He was! 

Currently, we serve together on our church prayer team, and are trusting God to enlarge our role as a ministry team. I have often witnessed how powerfully God has used Cathy when she prays, and I must admit that I am more effective in ministry when we work together. We believe that in God’s timing the two of us are to minister as a team to others in an expanded capacity.